What is Negraluz?

Dr. Sandra Andino, cultural anthropologist, educator and photographer founded Negraluz Productions a.k.a. Negraluz in 2012. Her vision for Negraluz is to present and represent visual images of Latinos of African descent, heritage and ancestry in a positive light as history makers of our community, society and the world. This blog is a platform to share Afro-Latino experiences on a regional, national and international level. Through photography Dr. Andino documents the existence of Afro-Latino people in the diaspora and the importance of their legacy. Negraluz (Spanish for “black light”) is mirrored in the idea that Blackness is Beautiful and it stands as an inspirational metaphor for “Afro-Latinos that lead the way”.

Negraluz is also an independent business that provides cultural arts consulting and instruction, professional capacity building and photo-documentary services to profit and non-profit groups and organizations seeking to enrich and enhance their educational programs by incorporating cultural arts curriculum and activities. Cultural arts education is a method to highlight and increase competency in cultural knowledge utilizing the creative arts approach to accomplish program goals and outcomes. Negraluz provides photographic services to document special events and people, photography instruction and creative visual project development. Negraluz recognizes that beauty exists in all things black and white, and that together both colors produce wonderful shades of grey. This belief is what drives the business to serve a diverse group of people from many cultural, racial, genders, professional and economic backgrounds.

¿Qué es Negraluz?

Dra. Sandra Andino, antropóloga cultural, educadora y fotógrafa fundó Producciones Negraluz, conocido como Negraluz en el 2012. Su visión para Negraluz es presentar y representar de forma positiva imágenes de Latinos de descendencia, herencia y ancestros Africanos como productores de historia en nuestra comunidad, sociedad y el mundo. Este blog es una plataforma para compartir experiencias Afro-Latinas a un nivel regional, nacional e internacional. A través de la fotografía la Dra. Andino documenta la existencia de gente Afro-Latina en la diáspora y el significado de su legado. Negraluz se proyecta en la idea que la Negritud es Bella y es una metáfora inspiradora para “Afro-Latinos que guian el camino.”

Negraluz es tambien una pequeña empresa que provee consultoria e instrucción en artes culturales, capacitación para el desarrollo profesional y servicios de foto-documentación para grupos y organizaciones con fines y sin fines de lucro que buscan enriquecer y fomentar sus programas educativos a travez de la incorporación de curriculo y actividades en las artes culturales. La educación en las artes culturales es un método para sobresaltar y aumentar la capacitación en el conocimiento cultural a travez de las artes para lograr resultados y metas programativas. Negraluz provee servicios de fotografía para documentar personas y eventos especiales, ofrece instrucción en fotografía y desarrollo creativo de projectos visuales. Negraluz reconoce que la belleza existe en todas aquellas cosas blancas y negras, y que juntos producen bellos destellos de matices grices. Esta creencia es lo que lleva a esta empresa a servir grupos de personas de diversas culturas, razas, genero, estratas económicas y profesionales.


11 thoughts on “Negraluz

  1. Sandra Andino, Dr. Sandra Andino, visiting this site as made light of so many creative monsters in my mind, they have been angry at being seen. Now these monsters seem to be transforming into illustrious fruition of starlight. The monsters were not afraid to be seen, in all actuality they despised the way I feared their power. They saw I sought to disassociate myself from such powerful beauty. For fear of depression, such a selfish temptation, I denied it to be existent with in me. God knew it would take a giving spirit to show me that that power is beautifully vested in kindred souls that heal. A doctor that challenges the challenge with learning and achievement. A person that knows honesty is reflect in God’s being. Such a harmonious way that you light the darkness with goodness, progress and prosperity.

    • Vinson, I am grateful everyday and I am proud of your self-honesty and enlightment. Now you know that those “monsters” are in reality your powers and their acknowledgement. It is healing to make affirmations of their power, and I am grateful that through mine I’ve illuminated yours.

  2. Mind blowing how you have evolved! You are truly a inspiration to many, your story always brings the happiness that we all need to create wonderful, and unforgettable memories. I am happy that we have been able to reconnect through social media; after so many years and so many memories of my child hood that you shared with us, it’s truly great to see how you blossomed each second, each hour, each day and each year. Proud to have shared so many wonderful moments with you in the past and hope to reencounter those moments again. LOVE JEN 🙂

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